For the small business, there are several approaches to marketing organization .The duty may lie with a single member of the team, or it could be a group responsibility. Depending on budget  and  of the team, you may choose to outsource certain elements of the marketing process.

Key responsibilities of the marketing manager vary according to the business but can include: making customer focused decisions, managing budgets, developing the marketing strategy and plan, understanding current and potential customers etc. Marketing managers need to have a good knowledge of the customer. This means building up an accurate picture using the resources that are available. It is important to take personal opinion out of as many decisions as possible – you probably don’t think in the same way as a typical customer. Marketing managers have a diverse and varied job, and promotion should just be one element of the scope. Championing a marketing concentrated  on business structure will provide a greater chance of success in today’s challenging business environment and will lead to a more sustainable future. An important element of the marketing manager’s role which is often neglected is the process of collecting and overthinking data on success. This can take the form of website hits, sales figures, market share data, customer satisfaction or many other metrics and it’s important to record and track these as a core part of the marketing process.

Marketing planning should be at the core to any business and is usually presented in the form of a written marketing plan. The marketing plan should provide direction for all relevant members of the organization and should be referred to and updated throughout the year. A marketing focused business starts with the consumer and tried to figure out what they want to buy. Some product focused businesses are very successful but it is generally accepted that a marketing focus provides a greater chance of success. Customer relationship management is the process of communicating with customers throughout the various stages of the purchasing process, and this includes people who have already bought from you.

Websites, brochures, and other promotional items will usually involve some form of outsourced help such as graphic design or printing. Careful management of these agencies is essential to provide an integrated marketing approach to promotion.